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Welcome to FindYourHerbalist.com – your one-stop resource for locating an Herbalist that matches your needs.  Founded by an Herbalist frustrated to find a reasonable, low-cost online listing service or directory, the program is sure to be of great benefit for the wide variety of those in the Herbalist community.  Thank you for your patience while the very best information on Herbalism will be brought to you.

If you are looking at hiring an Herbalist, it is best to find one that works in your local area, one-on-one – and preferably one who harvests or wildcrafts the herbs as well.  Herbalist listings by location will be available shortly.

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For those of us not fortunate enough to find Herbalists in our immediate area, some Herbalists can work at a distance – via postal correspondence, Email, telephone, Skype with webcam and/or other internet-related communications.

Some Herbalists have Specialties in their practice – for example Ayurveda, Clinical Western Herbalism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Some Herbalists have eclectic, shamanic or indigenous backgrounds, like Cunanderismo, Native American Tribal Medicine, Herbwifery and Wise Woman (or Wise Man) Traditional Healing.  Some Herbalists are also knowledgeable about ethical Wildcrafting and Foraging for wild and uncultivated foods.   No one system is better than another, and many Herbalists possess numerous skills, gifts and “tools” to implement.

Some Herbalists have much experience with protocol and recommendations with particular disease signatures that the medical world has given names – Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Pregnancy, Menopause, Hormone Imbalance, Prostate Issues, Psoriasis, Eczema, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Bi-Polar Disorder, to name only a few.  However, these types of specialties are not always necessary since the body, mind and spirit are view with a holistic eye and great relief can be found using general tonic, strengthening methods that allow toxins to leave easily – bring the body’s vital forces back and creating a sense of well-being overall.

The best way to choose an Herbalist is to create a relationship with them.  They already have an intimate knowledge of the plant and fungi kingdoms, and they often also have great understanding of disease and underlying causes thereof.  The best Herbalists really want to know YOU, not your disease.  There are as many methods of remedy or recommendation as there are Herbalists, so no one way is right.  Often, the plants that are immediately available in the area where you live are the very plants that will help you the most.  The plants are trying to get our attention and wish to help, and the best Herbalist for you will be the “matchmaker” that can create that reality so that you move naturally toward vitality and wholeness.

Please stay tuned to this site by using the Email updates in the right-hand column, as updates will be soon forthcoming.  Thank you for finding this site, and may you and yours find health and wellness!


May 7, 2012 at 12:08 am

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